Mission Statement


Vision &
Mission Statement

We are a diverse, international community journeying together and growing in Christ, reflecting God’s love and truth in Abuja.


We will strive to be like Jesus, welcoming people where they are at, respectfully walking with them and relying on Jesus’ work to grow our relationship with God and with each other.

We will practice mutual accountability as our members honestly, humbly and lovingly speak and listen to each other about perceived faults and sins. We are a restorative community helping one another on the path of discipleship


We will nurture growth through Christ-centered preaching, teaching, Bible studies, children and youth educational programs, discipling ministries and Sunday services. We will bathe our activities, and services in prayer.

We will promote genuine loving relationships by facilitating small groups for study of God’s word, prayer, sharing joys and sorrows, and showing care through acts of kindness and support.


We will celebrate our life together by assembling for regular Sunday services and special events, inviting our friends to journey with us. We will inspire others to worship the living God in wonder, love and praise.

We will cultivate active participation by identifying and developing one another’s gifts. We will encourage, recognise, and support our Christ-like leaders to care for God’s flock, assuring that the congregation is well-fed, healthy, and prepared to love our neighbours.